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Health and care number
30th Nov

Health and Care number, H&C number

Your Health and Care Number is required for your covid passport application.

Your health and care number is a 10 digit number.

You will find your health and care number on any recent correspondence from the NHS, hospital appointment letters etc.

Your health and care number will be printed on your medical card

Your health and care number is on the right hand side of your prescription which lists your repeat medication.

Thank you


13th Oct


Our first flu vaccination clinic takes place on:

🗓 Saturday 16th October at Bangor Elim Church


All eligible patients will receive an invitation by post.  

This is a very important document please ensure you bring this with you or we may not be able to offer you a vaccination.

Please do not worry if you have not received an invitation yet, as further clinics will be provided as soon as flu vaccine supplies allow.

Some important details to remember on the day:

🔹 Bring your flu invitation with you - we will NOT be able to offer a vaccine without it!

🔸 Only attend at your allocated time.

🔹 Ensure you wear suitable clothing, so vaccinators can access the top of your arm easily and efficiently.

🔸 Please co-operate with staff on the day and follow all traffic management instructions.

🔹 Our staff will be on site to assist you.  They are there for your safety and welfare and will deliver a successful vaccination clinic with your support and co-operation.

🔸 The Health and Safety of all our staff and patients is paramount.

We appreciate your co-operation 😁

14th Sep


Redwood Surgery walking group will be held on Wednesdays at lunch time in Castle Park.

If you would be interested in participating please contact the surgery on 02891 638700

9th Sep


We are receiving alot of phonecalls regarding vaccine passport requests being declined and information on these not being correct.

Unfortunately this has nothing to do with the practice and we do not issue these. Any queries need emailed to:

Please do not ring the practice regarding this as we can't help any further.

Thank you

20th Aug


We are aware of the news that pregabalin has now been removed from the Northern Ireland Formulary for Neuropathic Pain.

We want to reassure our patients that there will be no immediate changes to anyone’s medication. Each patient will be reviewed on an individual basis and the practice will be in contact in due course.

There is no need to contact the practice regarding this.

11th Aug


Advice for patients with an Urgent Dental Need


Patients who are registered with a dental practice

Patients should contact their dentist for advice. Dental practices have arrangements in place for triage during specific hours seven days a week including bank holidays.

Patients who are not currently registered with a dental practice

Patients should contact any dentist in their area. Dentists have agreed to treat unregistered patients in need of urgent care during the COVID pandemic. It is recognised that some practices may have reduced capacity reflecting the COVID restrictions and may not be able to accommodate unregistered patients on every occasion. Patients may need to contact a number of practices in their area in order to secure an urgent dental appointment. Practice triage hours will vary and patients should contact practices early in the day to increase the likelihood of their urgent dental need being addressed promptly. A list of dental practices in their area can be viewed by accessing the following link:


15th Jul


Things are a little different this year for us all with the onset of the Covid19 pandemic in March 20, but looking after your health is still important. At present all Breast services are continuing throughout NI. 
Breast Screening have implemented new risk assessed measures to help keep everyone safe:
- Covid questionnaire on entering unit
- PPE worn by staff
- Social distancing guidelines in place

- Increased infection control measures including regular cleaning of equipment and touch point areas after every mammogram

Women over the age of 70 can attend for screening by simply contacting the Breast Screening unit to arrange an appointment. If you have recently been offered a screening appointment but are concerned for any reason, please contact your local screening unit where staff are on hand to answer any questions.

9th Jul


Interim arrangements have been introduced by the Department of Health to allow people to travel before official COVID-19 vaccine certification comes into place later in July. You can find out on the link below how to apply for a document to prove you have been vaccinated.

15th Jun

New telephone number from 23rd June 2021

To improve your experience and access to the surgery we are upgrading our telephone system. In order to implement this we are having to change our telephone number. Along with our name change on 23rd June 2021 our new telephone number will be 02891 638700. This will also include an option for the prescription line.

8th Jun

IMPORTANT ANNOUCMENT - New surgery name & telephone number

From the 23rd June 2021 Dr Reid & Partners will be rebranding to 'Redwood Surgery'. We would like to reassure our patients that Dr Reid is not retiring and all our current GPs and services will remain the same.

If you are wondering where our new surgery name came from, we took inspiration from Castle Park beside Bangor Health Centre. Located within this park are several Redwood trees.

Redwood trees symbolise wellness, safety, wisdom, communication, vitality and longevity, they can grow to 1000 years old.

With this symbolism in mind we feel this integrates perfectly with the ethos of our surgery.

To improve your experience and access to the surgery we are also upgrading our telephone system. In order to implement this we are having to change our telephone number. Along with our name change on 23rd June 2021 our new telephone number will be 02891 638700. This will also include an option for the prescription line.


16th Mar

COVID Vaccine Programme Update

We wanted to take a moment to come onto our social media & website & thank all our patients for all their support and patience during these recent months.

Helping deliver the COVID vaccination programme while also continuing to deliver our high level of service to our patients daily has been extremely challenging and alot of work!

We wanted to update our patients so they know exactly where we are at with the COVID vaccination programme. So far we have vaccinated (excluding patients vaccinated at the COVID hubs):

- Care homes
- Our staff
- Over 80 year olds
- Housebound patients
- 75 - 79 year olds
- 70 - 74 year olds
- 'Clinically Extremely Vulnerable' patients
- 65 - 69 year olds
- alot of our 'Vulnerable' patients

We received a vaccine order this week and will be holding a vaccination clinic this weekend at Bangor Elim Church. Patients invited will receive a letter in the next few days. After this clinic we will have finished vaccinating our 18 - 65 year old 'vulnerable' category and carers and started our 60 - 64 year old patients. Aswell as giving our over 80 year old patients and housebound patients who are due their second vaccine.

The following groups can also book into the COVID vaccination hubs online at :

- those aged 70 or older
- those aged 65-69 at 31st March 2021
- those who are clinically extremely vulnerable aged 16 or over at 31st March 2021 and have a shielding letter
- those aged 60 – 64 at 31st March 2021
- those aged 55 – 59 at 31st March 2021
- those aged 50 – 54 at 31st March 2021
- those who have an underlying condition aged 16 -17 at 31st March, who have received a GP letter

12th Jan

50-64 year old flu vaccine

We are now able to extend our flu vaccination programme to our 50 - 64 year old patients. We are holding a vaccination clinic on Saturday 16th January at Bangor Elim Church. If you fall into this age category & would like to receive the flu vaccine please ring reception on 02891 515200 to get booked in & receive further information.

COVID-19 test
12th Jan

Covid Testing Appointments

We are aware there is an increasing demand for coronavirus tests & we are getting a lot of phonecalls that there are no available tests to book online. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to speed this process up. These are not arranged through the GP practice.

Please click the below link that advises the best times to go online to access testing.

Minor ailments
12th Jan

Minor Ailments Scheme

From 1st September the Minor Ailments Scheme is once again available at your community pharmacies. This service supports patients to manage & treat a range of minor ailments under the professional healthcare guidance of a community pharmacist. This service is accessible without an appointment & a list of conditions covered can be found at

face masks
12th Jan

Face coverings

In order to protect you & those around you we require that you wear some kind of face covering over your nose & mouth when you attend Bangor Health Centre. By wearing a face covering you are showing your support & consideration for staff & other patients & you are playing your part to prevent transmission of the virus. Thank you for your cooperation.

For further info please see the below link:

pregnant woman
12th Jan

Maternity - Self referral

As soon as you have a positive pregnancy test you can now refer yourself for hospital maternity care. Please click the link below:

Covid 19
12th Jan

COVID-19 Information

Please click here for frequently asked questions regarding COVID-19 & our GP practice.

Useful Coronavirus links

Asthma shielding guidance:

COPD & other lung conditions shielding guidance:

Government shielding guidance on extremely vulnerable people:

Self isolation note

Use this service if you have to stay at home because of coronavirus and you need a note for your employer.

If you have to stay at home but feel well enough to work, ask your employer if you can work from home. If you can work from home, you will not need an isolation note.